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First, a few random thoughts:

I thought the show was pretty good. Other than the ending and Alberto Del Rio returning, I wasn’t surprised but that’s okay. I of course, loved the New Day match and the US title match was pretty good too. Plus the Lesnar/Taker match was the brawl I was expecting.


But tonight, there’s going to be a lot going on. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose mentioned something about “talking about it tomorrow.” So they’ll be up to something. The Wyatt Family will have something to say, no doubt. Of course, Seth Rollins will be gloating. And finally, I *HOPE* The New Day gets a chance to gloat a bit.

Note: This is a quick thoughts version of what’s going to be my regular TAYkedown column. I will start the full treatment near the end of November or beginning of December. Then I will introduce a rating system for the shows.

Let’s talk HELL IN A CELL!

-Kick-Off Match

Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville defeat Rusev, Sheamus and King Barrett via pinfall.


Good match but it seemed kind of weird to have Stardust and The Ascension watching the match and doing nothing. Why not put them against Ziggler/Cesaro/Neville? That just seemed kind of weird to me.

- WWE United States Championship Match

Alberto Del Rio defeats John Cena via pinfall to win the WWE United States Championship.


No surprise there. I knew John Cena was going to lose because he’s out for 2 months after last night. But it was still a pretty good match and smart to have it first because I’m sure I’m not the only person who knew Cena was going to be gone.

- Hell in a Cell Match

Roman Reigns defeat Bray Wyatt via pinfall.

I was surprised by this match. I knew it would be a good match and I think it actually lived up to my expectations, if not exceeded them. I really wasn’t expecting Roman Reigns to win but that’s because I thought that the Wyatt Family would be all over that match. However, those two really tore into each other. The biggest concern I had about the match was that it would be too much like the Undertaker/Lesnar match. Luckily, the two matches were world apart.


-WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The New Day defeats The Dudley Boyz via pinfall to retain the WWE United States Championship


The New Day continue to be my favorite thing going in the WWE right now. UNICORNS! I was glad to see them win because when the Dudleys win their 10th WWE Tag Team title (and they will) it needs to be a bit more special. It was mentioned but not hyped, so I kind of figured the New Day was going to win. I really enjoyed the shenanigans with the trombone. It was pretty smart that the ref didn’t fall for their trickery. Good match.

- WWE Divas Championship Match

Charlotte defeats Nikki Bella via submission to retain the WWE Divas Championship.


Decent match. I was glad to see Charlotte win. However, I couldn’t help but notice how the crowd was chanting more for Sasha Banks than for either of the two women in the match. I like both of them as wrestlers and it’s nice to see Nikki kind of coming into her own as a wrestler but I’m worried it might be too little, too late. I hope the next women’s title match has Sasha Banks in it, but the WWE isn’t really that great at listening to their fans (Caesero, Zack Ryder, etc..)

-WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Seth Rollins defeats Kane via pinfall to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


There was no way that Kane was winning that match but I thought they did a pretty good job of making the match interesting, even though the finish was basically a foregone conclusion. Though I will be sad to see the end of Smilin’ Corporate Kane.

-WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Kevin Owens defeat Ryback via pinfall to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.


I just don’t like Ryback. Nothing about him interests me. Hopefully Kevin Owens will get matched up with someone who can wrestle to his level. This was the match and result I expected from the start.

-Hell in a Cell Match

Brock Lesnar defeat The Undertaker via pinfall.

This match kind of took me by surprise. The two of them just tore into each other. Seeing Lesnar rip apart the mat to expose the wood beneath was a cool moment and made for an interesting visual. Not something seen in the WWE every day and that’s always a good thing.


- Post Match Shenanigans

The Wyatt Family surround the ring, beat up the Undertaker and drag him backstage.


I actually like the Wyatt Family a lot. One of the few wrestling shirts I own is one of theirs. So I was kind of pleased with the ending of the show. It’ll give the Undertaker a chance to tap into his dark past in order to fight the Wyatts. I see him teaming with Kane at Survivor Series against the Wyatts. Not sure who else they will bring in to fight along side them though. Maybe Sting? Either way, I’m expecting to see more than a few supernatural overtones to this feud, which I think will make for some interesting television.


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